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The Okanagan valley offers so many vantage points to photograph the sweeping vistas that lie before them. As a landscape photographer in the Kelowna area I am very fortunate to have so many pristine locations to shoot from. It does involve being up 2 hours before sunrise to allow time to hike up to the top of some mountain, warm clothes, patience and the willingness to go back numerous times till the light is just right. However it is an amazing feeling to go from freezing cold and jumping around to stay warm to photographing the sun rising up and flooding the Okanagan valley with that super soft gentle sunlight. Or to take a photo as the sun sets over West Kelowna, the sky turning to cobalt blue with Kelowna city lights starting to twinkle. The peace and tranquillity is soul changing. Contact me here http:/​/​www.​lipsettphotographygroup.​com/​contact.​html
I look forward to connecting with you.

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