Paul Boswell(non-registered)
Andrew recently updated my head shot. This was the first time I had ever had any shots done professionally. Andrew came to my home with all of his equipment and set up in my living room. The results were much better than I had anticipated, believe me, if Andrew can make me look good, just imagine what he could do with your place or your face.
Hey Andrew! I checked out all your photos. I’m actually impressed with the wide range of angles. I admire your passion and dedication. You have earned a great reputation in such a short period of time. Awesome photos man!

True artist
Consummate professional
Gentleman and


He makes an exceptional photographer because he has an eye for the most flattering angle, lighting and locale.
He pays attention to detail, not only during the shoot, but beforehand in preparation and after while editing your proofs.
He is an expert who can be relied upon to produce quality work for his clients' because he has their best interests at heart.
He will provide you with the necessary feedback, while taking yours into consideration, which makes him a wonderful person to collaborate with on your project.
He is fair, honest and open-minded.
And he is just a joy to be around, so you'll be happy you chose him to be a part of your special day (whether your baby is your bride or groom, your firstborn or your model T!
Rob Feeny(non-registered)
I think Andrew's talent is second only to his community involvement. I think that at every community event I have attended in the last few years, I have run into him snapping away. He took an incredible picture of me running the OC Half Marathon that I liked so much I bought a large hardcopy of it. I know I can look forward to more great photos at future races & fundraisers.
Andrew has incredible and obvious talent. He is passionate about his talent and it comes through in his photos. My husband and I were lucky to have Andrew do our wedding photos. We had several meetings with him before our wedding day and he had a vivid picture of exactly what we wanted. To say that I am more than happy with our wedding photos is an extreme understatement!
Andrew is an amazing photographer, with an eye for detail. Every picture is different and beautiful. Having done two separate photo shoots with Andrew, he is professional, kind and a pleasure to be around. I would highly recommend Lipsett Photography Group.
Absolutely amazing!
I was part of a wedding party in Vegas of which Andrew was the photographer. Not only was Andrew the consummate photographer, he was also a wonderful person just to be around. With his extremely positive energy, unmatched creativity, and eye for detail he made everyone feel like stars. The proof is in the pictures!
Carly Chase-Smith(non-registered)
Andrew is by far the most talented photographer I have come across so far. He has an eye for lighting and settings, and always makes sure you look great.
Lipsett Photography Group
17 May 2010 - Alex Miller
Incredible Attention to detail - One of the most important things for a photographer to have is attention to detail and Andrew has it is spades. He truly gets the most out of every photo shoot he does!
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