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The distinct seasons are fantastic in the Okanagan. As a landscape photographer I can stand on the exact same spot in the spring, summer, fall and winter with dramatically different results. Like having 4 different locations in one! Mind you I would need a boat in some of these photos to get the same shoot in 3 of the seasons! Winter photography calls for finding the subtly in a landscape scene, light, mist and little flecks of color play a key role. What would be a cluttered and uninteresting landscape in any other season takes on a serene and groomed appearance with a blanket of snow and ice crystals blanketing it in the winter. Patience, timing, getting up very early, the willingness to go back to recapture the same place in different light still play a part. Winter does add the need for a down jacket, extra camera batteries tucked into an inside pocket and a thermos of something hot in the car or pack! Contact me here http:/​/​www.​lipsettphotographygroup.​com/​contact.​html
I look forward to connecting with you.

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