up! WestJet cover for September.

It was an exciting day, to be contacted a couple months ago, about using one of my photos for the September cover of up!, the WestJet magazine. In the freelance world of photography it is always a privilege and honour to make photos for clients and to have your photo chosen for a magazine cover!

WestJet magazine cover photo 'up!'WestJet magazine cover photo 'up!'

Thank you!


Carla Bond-Fisher(non-registered)
Exciting Andrew and very well deserved!
Dean Hartley(non-registered)
Nice photo! Congratulations Andrew!
Stephanie Korour(non-registered)
Congratulations Andrew!!!!! I'm so incredibly proud of you! You have great talent what an amazing recognition of it :))
Katherine Huynh(non-registered)
Congratulations Andrew! This is a lovely recognition for your beautiful work!
Grant W Good(non-registered)
about time they awoke and found you Andrew.
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