Kitsch 'n Sync - Glam gals. Vintage vocals.

I recently had the pleasure of capturing the essence of what makes up the singing trio Kitsch 'n Sync in a fun, vintage-styled photo shoot! Many thanks to Marianne for providing her beautifully decorated and lovingly restored 1939 home, which made the shoot period piece perfection. 

Well, that was fun! On to the next song.

Karen believes even mundane bathroom chores can be palatable with bubble gum and a martini!


Kim enjoys a few olives as a reward for getting the dusting done! 


Corrine taking a much needed refreshment break from baking!


Thank you to the gals from Kitsch 'n Sync for the fun photo shoot. I can't wait to hear their harmonious take on classic tunes from the 1940s, 50s and 60s!


So picture perfect. Thank you for the memories of yesterday. The ladies look fantastic! Great job Lipsett Photography.
Kim Foreman(non-registered)
Beautiful pics! It was such a pleasure working with such a pro - here's hoping we can make some more magic happen when we get our performance costumes! I've put more of your wonderful photos on our website: Thanks again Andrew!
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