Thanks for voting!

It's 6:30 am on June 11th and I'm nervously scanning the just-released
results of the Best of Kelowna 2013 contest when my
phone buzzes to indicate a new text has arrived. The note from my
girlfriend, Karen, who was obviously much quicker than I at finding the
results, read: "You won!!!!!" Excitement and gratitude immediately
replaced nerves!


Another day in the Okanagan paradise!

What a humbling experience to be selected as Kelowna's Best Photographer.
And what an honour to have been in a category with so many talented
colleagues I hold in high esteem!

To the clients, friends and others who voted for me I say a huge "Thank
you!" Your ongoing support means the world to me.


Marcel Irnie(non-registered)
Awesome.. just awesome. We need you at the track Lipsett!
Anna Jacyszyn(non-registered)
What a charm! Congrats mate, you deserve it - things like that keep you going and make you want to work harder. Smiles and Sunshine, sunshine.
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