Tips on making a property photo ready.

As a commercial photographer I am fortunate to work with a number of excellent, detail-oriented builders and designers in the Okanagan valley and beyond. It's always a treat to go into a beautifully-prepared space, and capture images that will make their work shine.

Here are my top five tips on what you can do to get that same result, whether you're preparing to sell your home or showcase your latest professional project.


1)  Replace that burnt out light bulb! Even if it is dangling 20 feet off the floor in a stunning chandelier, or is high up under the eaves of a home, like the one below!


A stunning home in southern Alberta designed by Sticks and Stones Design Group located in Canmore, Calgary, Ab and Kelowna, BC.


2) Shower and mirror spots and streaks begone!  Sparkling is the word that should always come to mind when you're looking at a space that's about to photographed. So apply a little elbow grease, and get that hardwood and tile gleaming!


A beautiful home built by Timberhaven Homes in Kelowna ,BC.


3)  Eliminate mats! Kitchen mats, bathroom mats (unless they're part of the colour scheme), front door mats, backdoor mats, dog mats, and even entry mats outside the front door. They're practical and necessary, but rarely photogenic!


Designed by Begrand Fast Design in Kelowna and constructed by Timberhaven Homes.


4)  Clear counter clutter. Blenders, coffee makers, that "to do" basket, sink soap, and anything by the bathroom sink should be placed out of sight. And clear the shower out. We want people's eyes to be struck by the beautiful tile work not latch onto your favourite brand of shampoo!


The powder room in a stunning log home designed by Sticks and Stones Design Group located in Canmore, Ab and Kelowna, BC.


5)  Choose the best time of day. Naturally, the best time for photos is often less-than convenient. Dinner time (about an hour before sunset), and early morning around sunrise is when you'll get optimal light. When a photography shoot is coming up, I watch the weather forecast more than a meteorologist!


The roof top decks at Lakeview Terrace in West Kelowna. Photographed at 7PM.


How do you get a property ready for photos? I'd love to hear your ideas!

If you have building or design projects that you want to shine as they should, contact me. 



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