A touch of Mexico

Three hours south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is Boca de Iguanas. We were there for 8 days and I felt the relaxation wash over me as soon as I smelled the tropical breeze and heard the steady sound of the surf.

Photo taken from the deck of the condo. The view from our patio.


There are a couple of large, and apparently quite hungry, resident crocodiles. Leave small pets at home or their vacation may not be that great!


One of the local crocodiles. Keeping a wary eye on me.

It was true Mexico. We toured the bay on a genuine Mexican fishing boat! This turned into one of the best parts of the trip. Not only did we catch fish for dinner, but we also got to see a whale and her calf frolic in the waves. All this, plus a cruise into the mangroves and scenes of diving pelicans kept my camera busy.


A humpback whale taking a breath.

So close you could hear the whale exhale.


We got to go into a mangrove swamp. Birds everywhere!



It was such a rejuvenating trip and I look forward to sharing a few more photos in the weeks to come.

Happy Easter!





Anna Jacyszyn(non-registered)
You made me dream ....they look too good. I want to be there.
Mark M McCann(non-registered)
love it Andrew...well done, thanks for sharing
Love the Gator pic!!
Tanya Federici(non-registered)
Andrew - great shots! thanks for sharing :)
Great color in the photos you posted Andrew! I want to go to Mexico now too!
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