Wedding destination - helicopter required!

Lovebirds Lindsay and Jeff love hiking, climbing and spending time in the back country, so high atop Mt. Begbie near Revelstoke, B.C. was a natural place to hold their wedding ceremony.

I took the first chopper ride up to the top, and had the rare opportunity to get to choose the exact spot where the ceremony would occur, all based on the location of the sun and the availability of photo backdrops and general, scenic beauty!


They are married!

Mother Nature must have known there was something special happening that day! There was heavy rain the day before; heavy rain the day after; and heavy rain only 20 minutes AFTER the helicopter landed back in Revelstoke after the ceremony! It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple, and I was honoured to share it!




They are back on the ground in Revelstoke, BC.The good looking couple, now Mr. and Mrs.

Photo shoots for 2014 are already booking up, so if you've got a wedding or other event coming up, let's connect soon to talk about how I can capture the magic of your special day!




Robert Oakes(non-registered)
Great work Andrew! Visually stunning.
Amazing location and beautiful photos Andrew.
Lindsay Smith
You truly captured this day for us Andrew :) We love all of our photos!
This is absolutely stunning, great work!!
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